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We offer an extensive selection of natural and engineered stones for viewing in our stone yard. We curate our selection to meet the tastes and needs of our clients that vary from solid white engineered stone to show-stopping marbles, granites, and quartzites in an array of colors. ASW has been purchasing quality slabs from the finest suppliers for well over a decade, and we hold the highest standards for procurement when selecting our blocks or bundles of stone from around the world - Italy, Brazil, Africa, Spain, Turkey, and more. The relationship we have built with our stone suppliers allows us to bring the finest quality slabs to our local market. In the case that we do not have what our client is searching for in our stone yard, we will work with our local stone distributors to find the right material.

We have extensive knowledge of our local Virginia stones - Alberene Soapstone, Slate and Virginia Mist. We have been working with these materials for over 15 years, giving us an in-depth knowledge of how to choose the most structurally stable, visually strong, and well scaled slabs. 


Our Italian Marble inventory continues to develop and get more exciting as we partner directly with suppliers in Carrara. The slabs of Carrara and Calacatta marbles we supply are well-balanced in their veining, crisp, and not muddy. 


Our Quartzite collection is impressive and extensive, as we have a very large range of colors and patterns from quarries around the globe. We typically house multiple lots of the same material as we recognize there are certain nuances to each that we know work well for our client base. 


No matter the stone, ASW’s quality craftsmanship is consistent, and we are happy to work with almost any material!

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