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1.       Do I need to make an appointment to view what you have?

Yes. In order to service our clients to give them the correct information for them to select material that suits their needs, we need to be able to focus our complete attention on the client during the appointment. We work in a no pressure sales style putting the customer first.


2.       Can I get someone to come out to my house to measure for an estimate?

No, unfortunately, we do not have staffing for all inquiries for an estimate. We have found that in almost all cases we can provide an accurate quote to our clients with the dimensions that our clients provide. In order to provide an estimate, we need from the client is a general layout, (it can be hand drawn), with back wall dimensions if there are turns in the countertop and if they require back splashes.


3.       How long is the process to get countertops installed?

From the time an estimate is confirmed by the client, it usually takes 2 ½ weeks from template to install.


4.       How do I measure my countertops?

Using a tape measure, take the dimension from side to side along the back wall of the countertop. If there is a turn in the countertop, providing only back wall dimensions, we take out the overlap when calculating the square footage.


5.       How thick are the countertops?

Most of the natural stone that we stock is 3cm or 1 ¼” thick. We can mill most stones to be thinner or build up the edges to create a thicker looking countertop. Most engineered stone is offered in 2cm or 3cm thicknesses. The handful of colors in engineered quartz that we stock are in 3cm.


6.       How do I clean my new countertops?

It depends on what type of countertops you have. For granite, soapstone, quartzite, and engineered quartz, non-caustic all-purpose cleaners or soap and water can be used. If you have marble or another calcium-based stone, avoid cleaners that have citric acid (citrus or vinegar) that will etch the stone. Please visit the Natural Stone Institute for more information.


7.       Do you install solid surface countertops, laminate, concrete or butcher block?

No, we are fabricators of natural and engineered stone.


8.       Do you disconnect and reconnect my plumbing?

No, our installers are not licensed plumbers. The clients need to schedule the disconnect and reconnect of plumbing. At install, the countertops are left plumber ready. We do recommend allowing silicone, used to set sinks, to dry overnight before reconnecting the plumbing.

9.       Do I need to seal my countertop?

Yes, if you have granite, quartzite, or marble. Soapstone does not require sealing as it is a non-porous stone. Many clients like to wax or age soapstone to make it darker. Engineered quartz does not require any sealing.

10.    Do you install brackets?

No, we do not supply or install brackets. There are too many configurations and styles that people select to be able to stock and service this need. Centerline Brackets has a large selection from which to choose.

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